your friend thinks it is cool to violate rules of the school and is encouraging you to do so. how will you handle the situation?

Dear Student,

First of all, it is very sincere of you to understand that breaking rules is no matter of pride and that you wish to stop your friend. Secondly, as a friend, you can try to make him understand that it might seem thrilling to break rules but it does not end in a good way. Rules are framed to instil discipline in children. And discipline is very important in life. There might be reasons behind such behaviour, and you should try to find them and mend things for him, if possible.


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I will explain him to not to do this
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Positive discipline is a more effective way to manage misbehaving students in the classroom, rather than using punishment or rewards. It allows students to learn and adapt their behaviors to meet expectations in the classroom, while simultaneously teaching them how to make better choices in their path to adulthood.
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By saying him to stop doing this as it can effect on his results
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I would handle the situation in the following ways :-
  • Explain him/her that it is wrong to violate school rules 
  • Make him/her realize his/her mistake.
  • Give an example of some other person to explain how wrong it is.
  • Explain him/her the consequences
  • Make him/her promise not to do such thing again .
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