Your mother is special to you. How well do you know her likes and dislike can be evident only if you write a paragraph with the help of given clues in not more than ten sentences. Use verbs in the simple present tense.
  • 1. enjoys doing the most 
  • 2. favourite colour 
  • 3. her attributes (any three)
  • 4. cares for everyone in the family 
  • 5. preferred dishes ( any two )
  • 6. good things she has taught you 
  • 7. her hobbies 
  • 8. her favourite holidays destination 

Dear Student, 
Here's the answer to your query - 

I love my mom from the bottom of my heart. I love every single thing about her. I know almost everything about her, and vice versa. She loves to cook, and red is her favourite colour. I am a fan of her 'fish curry' and 'bhindi masala'. She is very kind, caring, considerate and a wonderful person with a golden heart, who has taught me the most valuable and important lessons of life, like honesty, truthfulness, significance of empathy, kindness, and being a true human being. Besides cooking, she loves to take care of everyone in the family, she loves to read novels, knitting sweaters, listening to songs etc. She also loves to travel, to explore distant unknown places. She really wants to go to Switzerland, it is her favourite holiday destination. 


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My mother is everything for me. She enjoys teaching ,shopping,cook, play piano . She likes orange and pastel colours . Her attributes are she is curious , and balanced , she is also caring . She loves and cares for everyone in our family . She loves to cook ,she prefers spahegetti and oreo cupcakes .She has taught me very important lessons such as not to lie and learn and accept our mistakes . Her hobbies are shopping , reading , painting . Her favourite holiday destinations are exotic places like Sweden , Hawaii, Thailand, Australia , France and etc . My mothers hear touching delicate words flow through me like a beautiful flower. 
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My mother is everything for me .She enjoys painting ,teaching and talking with me a lot .Her favourate colour is blue .Her atitude is friendly with everyone, kind in nature and helpful to every needy people . She cares a lot in family . She likes eating jalebi in sweets and southeindian platter as same as me. Good things that she has though me are all the speciality in her nature . Her hobby is to dance , sing , paint pictures ,etc...Her favorate holiday are summer breaks because this break is very long and we can go anywere we want for a few days. SHE IS THE BEST PERSON IN THE WHOLE WORLD   
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