• your parents are away and you are left alone at home .write a diary entry about the whole week describing what you did

Monday, 21 June 20xx.

9 PM

Dear Diary,

I have spent an interesting week alone at home.

My parents were out to attend a wedding in Chandigarh and I had to stay back because of my Unit Tests. They briefed me about all the safety precautions I had to follow! My food would be cooked by the maid in the evening and I could heat it up at meal times.

Initially, I felt a little scared staying all alone. I could barely sleep the first night and kept imagining ghosts under the bed. But, the next morning I felt all responsible while getting ready and locking the door to go to school. Back from school, I ate my lunch, finished my homework and even went out to play. I realised that running a house is not easy: supervising the maid, taking milk and newspaper, buying vegetables and groceries, operating the washing machine and microwave oven! The list of chores was endless. That is when I decided to thank my parents for looking after me and the house on a daily basis: Every evening, I spent some time to repaint and rearrange their bedroom. They were very happy and proud of me for managing the house so well!

I feel all grown-up after this week of shouldering some responsibility.


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