Your school is planning to organise a talk on the ?Importance of Promoting Art
Education? at all levels. You plan to invite The Director, Delhi School of Art, as a Key
Note Speaker. As CCA Coordinator of Vidya Mandir Vidyalaya, draft an invite for the
same giving all the necessary..

Dear Student,

Please find below a letter to invite The Director:

The Director,
Delhi School of Art

Respected Sir / Ma'am,

Vidya Mandir Vidyalaya School is organising a talk programme to promote Art Education in our school at all levels. As the CCA Coordinator of the school, I would request you to please come and speak on the Importance of Promoting Art Education during this programme.
The programme is scheduled on 2nd Feb, 2020 from 5pm to 8pm. We hope you will kindly grace the occasion with your presence.

Thanking You,
Aksha Jain
CCA Coordinator
Vidya Mandir Vidyalaya


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hey mate! I am just writing the content of this notice. All the students are informed that our school is going to promote Indian English education (whatever is the name) at all levels and we are planning to invite director general (whatever is given in the question). XYZ coordinator (whatever you are )
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