Your school is planning to organize a ‘School Sprucing Up’ day where all students would be taking up jobs related to cleaning up the school premises. This is being organized to create a feeling of belongingness as well as appreciating dignity of labour. Write a notice informing students about this activity. You are Rashmi/Rohit the Secretary of the Social Work committee in your school. Write the notice in about 50 words.

                                                                        DELHI PUBLIC SCHOOL, HOWRAH
​                                                                            SCHOOL SPRUCING UP!!!!!

3rd Mar'15

​This is notified for the general information of all the students of our school that our school is going to organise a 'School Sprucing Up' day where all students would be taking jobs related to cleaning up the school premises.This is being organised to create a feeling of belongingness as well as appreciating dignity of labour.Co-operation of all the students is highly solicited.

​(Secretary of the social work committee)
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aratrick pls write correct spelling of organize you are writing organise
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i dont know the answer dear
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This to inform that our school is conducting school sourcing up day all the students have to compulsory tale part in any king of job it will be held in 6th March 2017 in NAVRACHNA HIGH SCHOOL at morning 9:00 am to 12:00pm
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