Your sister lives in another city.Write a letter to her is not more than 150 words telling her about your new friend who is blind but intelligent with many extraordinary powers

give me answer just now it is urgent

72/4 BRDA FlatsSapphire Apartments Kolkata-700026November 21, 2013Dear Sunita,How are you? Mother told me that you had been ill for some time. I hope you have recovered? I have to share with you details about my new friend. Helen is my classmate and my closest friend. Although, she suffers from a handicap, I have never met a more enthusiastic person. Her inability to see has not prevented her from communicating with others. She is also a very sincere student and is loved by our teachers. She works hard at her Braille books and can give us a run for our money, when it comes to performance in class!As a person too she is wonderful. I have never heard her regret over her handicap. She perseveres on and that too, with a smile. There are so many things that I can learn from her. I have invited her to my house during the vacation and hope that you will also get an opportunity to meet her.Your sister,Rita.

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