Your younger brother is careless about his health. He does not eat his food properly. Write a letter advising him to be careful about his health.

dear brother
hello,how are you my brother hope you will fine.
you see sports,the players are fit and healthey.i think your dream is to become a sportsman.
my brother you should careful about your should eat your food properly.
older brother
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jagdish nagar- house 1148

16th February 20xx

dear brother,
how are you i hope your fine. how is mother and father keeping i hope all fine i am fine here need not worry.

listen dear one I heard your not eating and taking care of yourself. See, haven't you heard in the planes the crew telling us to put our oxygen mask's first before helping others incase of emergency, well its the same in this case if you want to help someone you have to take care and help yourself first or else its no point in helping others if u don't help yourself. So i advise you to take care of yourself and eat food on time first and then others.

do take care of mother and father but take care of yourself first.

yours lovingly,
older brother

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