5 Common Exam Mistakes Students Make

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5 common exam mistakes by studentsYear after year students are subjected to a series of exams. Examiners and checkers too go through the same drill while checking the submitted answer sheets. It has been observed that students do not always lose marks due to a lack of knowledge. “Silly Mistakes” account for a larger share of lost marks as per checkers and examiners. Experts have created a list of top 5 common mistakes that students tend to make in their exam papers. These mistakes lead to marks that are lost not because of lack of knowledge but because of errors in strategy or just simple overlooks. These are highly preventable! Go through the list below to ensure you do not make the same mistake ever!

1. Not Scanning Through The Questions Before Starting The Exam

Most schools distribute the question papers 15 minutes before the start time of the exam. One of the most useful things that a student can do is to go through the question paper once. Even if the paper is not distributed 15 mins earlier, please try and spend 5 minutes going through the paper.

What Questions To Answer First?
Identify the questions you know the answers for and find easy to attempt, and add a mark against them. Add another kind of a mark against questions you find difficult or are unsure of the answers.

We suggest answering easy questions first. Try and leave the difficult questions for later.

• Answering difficult questions first will lead to you spending a lot of time on them, and tiring your minds at the very beginning of the exam. Then in the leftover time, you might rush through the easy questions thus spoiling your chances of scoring full marks in those questions as well.

• So starting with easy questions helps ensure that you would have answered most of the questions in the paper in case time falls short. You are assured of scoring in these questions. It will also give you more time for the difficult questions. Moreover, you feel good and confident!

“It (getting your question paper 15 minutes before the exam starts) helps in mentally calming down before the big test and even recalling answers. In that time frame I get to read the entire question paper and start making mental notes on which questions to tackle first.”
– Nandita Rajan CBSE Topper Class 10


time management for exams2. Mismanagement of Time

Time management is one of the most critical factors required to ace an exam. Determine how much time you spend on each question depending on:

• Its weightage in terms of marks
• Word limit recommended for a question in terms of marks
• Question Type – Very Short Answer, Short Answer and Long Answer
• Whether it requires a graph or a diagram
• If you realise that you are struggling too long on a particular question, move on to the next question, and return to answer if you have the time.


3. Copying Incorrect Data

In numerical questions it has been found that students copy the data incorrectly from the question paper, or from one step of the problem to the next. Sometimes they make mistakes with units. So double check all numerical values once. Just spending a few seconds doing this will prevent a lot of trouble.


difficult questions in exam4. Jumping Into a Question Without Planning

Some students just read the question and start writing away. Although you may know the answer, but it is always more prudent to spend a minute or a half in thinking through the question. Mentally organize the points you want to cover. Underline the keywords in the question and ask yourself what kind of answer the question demands. This prevents you from running into situations like:

• Realizing that you missed something that should have come at the beginning of the answer
• Mixing up or missing points you wanted to cover
• Realizing halfway through your answer that you understood the question incorrectly


5. Forgetting To Attempt Unanswered Questions

Strangely this has been found to be a very common error found in exams. Sometimes students leave a question for later and end up forgetting to attempt it.

• To avoid this, always add a checkmark / circle / highlight every question you complete, and check at the end of the exam that none are missed.
• Also, you can mark or highlight specifically the questions you choose to answer later so that you can double check them.


We hope that the checklist above can help you avoid these common mistakes in your half yearly exams and SA1 exams.

We wish you all the best! If you like what you read, please take a moment to share with your friends who can also benefit from this information! 🙂


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