5 Last Minute Tips for Board Exams

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Tips for Board Exams

Board exams are just around the corner sending nervous flutters down the backs of students and parents alike. If your preparation is still in progress and you are worried about the limited time left to cover expansive syllabus, please don’t lose heart. Given, it might be difficult to cram up and retain to memory everything that you study, there are some practical tips below that will help you remember what you study and score more.

1. Identify Topics in 5 Year Papers

The most recommended tip is to go through and attempt the last 5 year exam papers. They will give you an excellent idea about the Board exam structure and trends in terms of topics and type of questions. For every subject, try and identify topics that are repetitive across more years. Try and cover everything related to those topics – who, how, where, etc. Don’t make the mistake of spotting questions and trying to memorize them. Focus on the topics covered and not the specific questions as Boards are often unpredictable.

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2. Spread Your Revision

Research indicates that we tend to remember information if we revise it a few times. So even if you have extremely limited time, try and divide it between study and revision. Also, try and spread your revision between different time intervals. For example, you could revise every subject one specific day each week instead of allotting every subject to a week. This repetition will help you remember things more.


Date Sheets for Board Exams 2016 : CBSE | CICSE


3. Practice the Skill You Will Be Tested On

Sometimes we tend to just study the material without practicing its usage. For example, when the exam includes writing an essay, you need to practice writing it a few times. Similarly, you need to attempt some 5 year papers or sample papers before your actual board exams. When time is limited, students tend to feel that they can do away with practice and just use all the time cramming up things to memory. This leads to information overload and very less retention to memory. On the contrary, practice will ensure you never forget what you learnt.

RECOMMENDED RESOURCES: CBSE Textbook Solutions | CBSE Revision Notes | CBSE Sample Papers | Ask & Answer


4. Answer in Points

Try and answer all questions in a brief and concise manner. Do not waste time writing long answers. A short answer with all major points included in a bulleted list or following a logical pattern, tends to capture the attention of the examiner. Also, try and underline the main points/keywords or highlight them. This will ensure you score more in less time.


Date Sheets for Board Exams 2016 : CBSE | CICSE


5. Take Breaks & Get Adequate Sleep

Stress is a major factor that hampers performance of students. As per research, it is effective to take small 5 mins breaks after every 20 to 30 mins. This helps your brain absorb more information but also to keeps you refreshed when you are studying. Get good sleep because research suggests that memory recall becomes stronger after sleep and information becomes easier to remember. Some research has also indicated that taking a nap after you learn something new can actually help you learn faster and remember better. So the next time you are struggling to learn new information, make sure you get a good night’s sleep thereafter.

Team Meritnation wishes all you students the very best for your upcoming exams!


Please take a moment to spread these tips with your friends. After all, Knowledge is the only thing that grows when shared! 🙂 


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