AIPMT 2015: Past Paper Analysis & Preparation Tips

Meritnation|Apr 23rd, 2015 01:30am

It is less than 10 days to go for the AIPMT 2015 and students are sure to be eager and anxious for any tips and indicators as to what chapters, topics and units they should focus on to better their chances at a good score. Past year papers are usually the most indicative of what you can expect in the AIPMT exam.

The syllabus of AIPMT is pretty similar to the previous years, with slight modifications here and there. Meritnation experts studied and analysed the trends in the AIPMT question papers from past years and created a list of trends observed. These will provide you good pointers on prioritising your study chapters.

The three subjects in the AIPMT 2015 syllabus are Physics, Chemistry and Biology, Biology being further divided into Botany and Zoology. The clocks are ticking, so students, make sure to go through the points below and crack the AIPMT 2015!

1. Distribution of Questions between Class 11th & 12th across subjects


aipmt 2015 questions distribution Grade Wise Distribution
* 56.6% Questions were from Class 11th syllabus
* 43.4% were from class 12th syllabus

Subject Wise Distribution
* 25% Questions were from Chemistry
* 25% from Physics
* 50% from Biology (divided between Zoology ad Botany)


2. AIPMT Biology Trends & Important Topics


aipmt biology grade wise distribution DISTRIBUTION BETWEEN CLASS 11TH AND 12TH

58.9% of questions were from syllabus of class XI and while 41.1% were from class XII biology.

aipmt biology 2015 solution CHAPTER WISE DISTRIBUTION

Class XI Biology: Diversity in Living World, Structural Organisation in Plants and Animals and Human Physiology contributed to the maximum number of questions.

Class XII Biology: Reproduction, Genetics and Ecology are most important.



Question Count


Diversity in living world



Structural organisation in animals & plants



Cell structure & function



Plant physiology



Human Physiology






Genetics & Evolution



Biology & Human Welfare



Biotechnology & Its Applications



Ecology & Environment




3. AIPMT Chemistry Trends & Important Topics


aipmt chemistry 2015 syllabus DISTRIBUTION BETWEEN CLASS 11TH AND 12TH

60% of the questions were from class 11th syllabus while 40% were from class 12th.

aipmt 2015 chemistry question paper TOPIC WISE TIPS

Physical Chemistry was the favourite among all as it bagged 51.1% of questions last year.

aipmt chemistry 2015 solutions CHAPTER WISE DISTRIBUTION

Class XI Chemistry: Chemical Bonding and Molecular Structure, thermodynamics, Equilibrium and Redox Reaction contributed to the most of the questions last year.

Class XII Chemistry: Electrochemistry, Haloalkanes & Haloarenes, Alcohols, Phenols & Ethers, Organic Compounds Containing Nitrogen, Biomolecules and Polymers are important units.


4. AIPMT Physics Trends & Important Topics


aipmt physics 2015 syllabus DISTRIBUTION BETWEEN CLASS 11TH AND 12TH

The distribution of questions between class XI and XII Physics was almost even last year, with 48.9% of the questions being from Class 11th and 51.1% questions from class 12th. Therefore we can conlcude that syllabus of both Class XI and XII are equally important for AIPMT 2015 Physics question paper.

aipmt physics 2014 question paper TOPIC WISE DISTRIBUTION

* Mechanics, Thermodynamics & Wave Motion and Electrodynamics covered the majority of the questions
* It is important to emphasise on Modern Physics as well as it 15.6% of questions were asked from it last year.

aipmt 2015 physics solutions CHAPTER WISE DISTRIBUTION

Class XI Physics: Laws of Motion, Gravitation, Oscillations & Waves and Thermodynamics contributed to the most of the questions last year.

Class XII Physics: Electrostatics, Current Electricity, Wave Optics, and Atoms & Nuclei were among the chapters that covered higher percentage of questions asked.

Team Meritnation wishes all students the best of luck for AIPMT 2015!

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