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In this digital age, most of us are addicted to our computers, tablets and phones. This fact hits you the most when you forget your cellphone for a day, and a feeling of incompleteness and restlessness follows you. Now that we are bound to technology in this unbreakable bond, why limit your devices to sharing photos on Instagram or checking Facebook? Why not use it to make the trickiest part of your lives better, that is, your studies.

Your device can be your best study partner!


technology for students in india

There is a wealth of amazing tools and apps which can support students throughout the study cycle. The following is a roundup of some of the most suitable apps and tools that can make your lives much easier and add to both fun and productivity! 🙂


1. Time Your Studies

best study tips for students
Sometimes, we feel that we devote numerous hours to studies and yet few things get done. Use the stopwatch on your device to time your studies. Pause it when you take breaks or attend the phone. You might be surprised at the findings and this will help put your study schedule in better perspective. You can also use apps like 30/30 to manage time across subjects.


2. Increase Concentration and Focus

tips to increase concentration in students
More concentration leads to more information retention in our memory and therefore lesser study time and more marks. For students struggling with attention and concentration, apps like Elevate, Peak and Fits Brain Training are an excellent help that use gamification tools and great fun.


3. Improve your Language Skills

best study tips for cbse students
Students read tons of new books at school and sometimes need help understanding some of the big words being tossed around by school friends as well as new books being read at school. The Dictionary and Thesaurus apps are a great resource to have at your fingertips. You can also use apps like Duolingo to learn foreign languages like French and Spanish right at your home, and use Google Translate for instant help.


4. Complete Your Homework in Half The Time!

study tips for cbse and icse students
Use the Meritnation app to quickly wrap up your homework. The app has has solutions to all NCERT textbook questions, and also all the other important textbooks like R.D Sharma, R.S. Aggarwal and H.C. Verma. If your homework involves questions that do not belong to any of these textbooks, you can access the question bank or post in the Ask & Answer forum to get answers within 24 hours.

DOWNLOAD >> ANDROID DOWNLOAD –  Click Here    |    iOS DOWNLOAD –  Click Here


5. Educational Videos

cbse study tips
A lot of students find it easier to remember things when they watch videos on study topics, instead of reading study material. Are you one of those? If yes, then you can access educational videos on any topic from any chapter on MeritNation, Youtube and other study portals.


class 12 cbse topper tipsSarthak Agarwal, Class 12 CBSE Topper for 2014

“A tip I would like to share with everyone is that the Internet is not just social networking. It has boundless opportunities for learning, via interactive animations, video lectures and question banks.

I made extensive use of these tools when I needed to go beyond what my books could offer. Doing this gave me required knowledge in quick Time, which would otherwise have been extremely difficult, and in some cases, impossible to obtain.”


6. Information Resources

study tools for students
Need help with class projects? Use the Wikipedia app and access information on any topic you need. The internet also has a vast repository of images, ideas and news on every topic in the world. Flipboard is another great app to keep you up to date.


7. Study Groups

study tools for school kids
Your chat apps are the best resources for group study. Create study groups on Whatsapp, FB Messenger, Hike or whatever chat app you use and use them to share resources like question papers, discuss topics, and answer each others’ questions. A caveat here is that make sure you use your study group for study only and reserve the other gossip and fun related stuff for a separate group.


8. Save and Share files on Cloud

study tools for school children
Save yourself from the hassle of tiresome file transfers from device to device by using a cloud and sync service like Google Drive. You can keep your documents, photos and videos in one easily accessible place, and also share with friends, study partners and in your study groups. Students can also try Dropbox which gives 2 GB of free storage space in it’s free subscription.


9. Notes & Mnemonics

tips for school students taking notes
Make Evernote your note taking partner to save your notes, ideas, checklists and research, and access them anytime anywhere. It works best for to dos and checklists and you can also save files there. Evernote’s Penultimate app also allows you to put down hand written notes on your device just like you would with pen and paper. For students who like to make use of mnemonics, apps like Brainscape and Studyblue work great. You can also use your phone cameras and recorders to save information, and then later use it for revision while traveling or anywhere else.


10. Keep Parents Updated

Report Card App for parents
Do your parents constantly ask you any of these questions – ‘how many hours did you study for today?’, ‘what chapters you covered?’ or ‘how confident are you in this or that subject?’. Put your parents’ monitoring as well as worry to rest by providing them access to the Report Card App which will send them updates on all the Study Material completed, tests taken & other activities that you do on Meritnation.

DOWNLOAD >>  Click Here 


whispering kidPSST: While using all online tools and apps, there might be a strong temptation to access social networking sites, and once you do, you can’t help getting carried away! 🙂
Another App to your rescue here is the SelfControl app which will help you block sites from your systems/devices for a certain amount of time.


In addition to the above 10 apps, here are 2 additional apps for students planning to appear for entrance exams:

11. Jeenius App – AIPMT & IIT

IIT JEE preparation app
Starting with 11th grade, this app is a must for every medical and engineering aspirant .The IIT-JEEnius & AIPMT mobile app is the most handy and smart way to get important IIT-JEE & AIPMT formulae and notes on your finger tips and be ahead of competition. The app helps you prepare your important holidays assignment questions from Physics, Chemistry and Math formulae , sample questions and important equations with the help of examples, to help be ready for your after holiday viva. The app covers all the major chapters and topics as per the AIPMT & JEE syllabus.

IIT Jeenius >> ANDROID DOWNLOAD – Click Here  | iOS DOWNLOAD- Click Here 


12. India GK Questions

best apps for school students in India
Lots of entrance exams in India involve general knowledge based questions. The India GK Questions app will improve your GK about India with questions on historical events, politics, economy, geography, etc. It’s vast question bank can prepare the user for any type of GK Quiz and Test.


So although school can get stressful and crazy at times, but with the wealth of education apps available right at your fingertips, your tasks will become easy and interesting plus help you excel in all areas of your studies.

The Google play store and ios apps is home to all of the apps mentioned above as well as many more resource apps that can only help your studies. (Refer to the links below for details)

If you’re a student, teacher, or even an avid learner, post some of your favorite education apps in the comments down below!


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