Board Exam 2019 Analysis: Class 12 English

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The Board Exam for Class 12 English was conducted on March 2, 2019. Here’s a brief analysis for you prepared by our experts at Meritnation.

English Grade 12 – 2019 (Analysis): Delhi Set – 2
No Category Comments
1 Pattern
(Similarity to previous years)
Number of Questions reduced to 12.
2 Difficulty Level Easy
3 Time Constraint Lengthy Paper
4 From NCERT Textbook All literature questions were directly from the stories/poems.
5 Role of Meritnation Most of the literature questions were already answered by the Meritnation experts.



Difficulty Percentage Comparison: 2019 vs 2018
Year Easy Average Difficult
2018 38.46 46.15 15.38
2019 30.77 61.54 0



Typology of Questions
Reference to Context Writing Skills/Analogies Textual Based
2019 1 4 5


Check out the live analysis session for today’s paper here.

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