CBSE Board Exams 2019 Analysis: Class 10 Social Science

Meritnation|Mar 29th, 2019 07:11pm

The Social Science Board exam for CBSE Class 10 was conducted today. The exam paper contained a variety of questions based on the difficulty level and approach of writing the solutions.

To begin with, Section-A provided easier questions like difference between primary and secondary sectors, concept of liberalisation, etc. However, Section-B offered a roller coaster ride with conceptual questions. These questions needed thoughtful comprehensive answers and required in-depth knowledge of the subject for the same. Questions such as effect of social divisions on politics, lag of women behind men despite improvements, effect of environmental degradation irrespective of national boundaries, etc., needed conceptual clarity. Nonetheless, Section-C came with relief as the long answers were based on the NCERT textbook entirely. The map-based questions from Section-D gave mixed emotions as the history question was easier than geography question. Over all, the question paper was lengthy and the difficulty level came out to be more than average. Meritnation Ask and Answer portal provided answers to almost 80% of the questions and Live Classes provided thorough insight to the concepts that were needed to solve the questions.


To watch a video analysis of the paper, click HERE.
For complete solutions for the paper, click HERE.


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