CBSE Board Exams 2019 Analysis: Class 12 Maths

Meritnation|Mar 18th, 2019 07:21pm

The CBSE Board exam for Class 12 Maths was conducted today. Catch a brief analysis for the same from our Maths expert at Meritnation:
The most awaited Maths exam was conducted today and it turned out to be easier as the questions were directly based on the NCERT textbook. Approximately 60 marks were attributed to the easy questions that brought joy to the students in the examination halls! The question paper contained numerous internal choices that allowed flexibility in writing the solutions. Meritnation’s Ask and Answer forum already provided answers to approximately 90% of the questions that were asked in the exam.Students  with a good grasp on basics and calculations will find it easy to score marks. 


To watch a detailed video analysis of the paper, click HERE.
To get detailed solutions for the paper, click HERE.

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