CBSE Class 10 English Board Paper Analysis

Meritnation|Feb 26th, 2020 06:10pm

CBSE conducted the English examination for Class 10 today. This exam marked the official beginning of CBSE 10th Board Examination for all the students. We provide here the analysis and review of the CBSE Class 10 English exam. 

CBSE English board exam 2020 for class X was a mix of easy, average and a few difficult or tricky questions. The exam was not very difficult even though the pattern was slightly changed this year. All the questions were from the syllabus and were as per the CBSE pattern. No questions were repeated from last year’s paper. 

Out of the three sections, Section C was a little time-consuming in comparison to the other two sections. The reading comprehension section, Section A, had a few tricky questions where the options seemed confusing and required the students to think and answer. 


The CBSE English paper is usually quite easy and students are relatively relaxed on this day. However, the common problem that crops up is that the paper is usually quite lengthy and completing it on time is a task. But this year, although the paper was different from last year’s paper pattern, the CBSE Class 10 English paper was not as lengthy as the paper of 2019.


Talking about the difficulty level, out of the 11 questions,  2 questions were difficult, 2 were easy and 7 were moderate questions. Students can easily score well in this examination.

Click this link to get the solutions of the CBSE Class 10 English Board Exam 2020 (Delhi, Set 2) –

To watch a detailed video analysis of the CBSE Class 10 English Board paper click here:

Stay tuned to this space to get an analysis of all the CBSE Board Exams 2020.

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