CBSE Class 10 Hindi Board Paper Analysis

Meritnation|Mar 1st, 2020 12:30am

CBSE Class 10 Hindi exam for both Course A and Course B papers was conducted on 29th February 2020. Here’s the analysis of the paper by our subject experts.

This year’s CBSE Class 10 Hindi Board Exam was a bit difficult as compared to last year. However, the overall length of the paper was optimum and students must not have found it difficult to complete the paper within the given time limit. 

There was a small change in the pattern, there was no unseen poem in this year’s exam. The grammar section was a little tough as compared to the other sections. Most of it (grammar ques.) was from the chapters of the NCERT textbooks. None of the questions were out of syllabus.

Literature was easier than that of the previous year. There were very few questions from the NCERT exercise; rest all were textual based and needed inferential capability of students. But all in all, it was a paper with average difficulty. 

Click the following link to get the solutions of the CBSE Class 10 Hindi A Board Exam 2020 (Delhi, Set 1) –—solutions/board-papers/starttest/xwl5pJdueigvNUYjos@X5Q!!

We hope this analysis was helpful to you. Stay tuned to this space to get an analysis of all the CBSE Board Exams 2020.

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