CBSE Class 10 Science Board Exam: Last Minute Tips

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All the Best (1)Students your board exams are just around the corner. The CBSE will be conducting the Class 10 Science Board Exam on March 2, 2016. You must be busy with your last minute revisions and trying to get the most out of your study hours these days.
Science is a subject that needs to be studied with a structure because a lot of the concepts are interconnected. But you don’t need to panic as our experts at Meritnation has come up with a list of important topics from each chapter to make your revisions easy-peasy. These key revision points and quick tips will help you prepare intelligently for the exams. Even if you have left out certain chapters for last minute preparations or revisions, these tips will help you get through them better.
Total Marks : 80
Physics: 29
Chemistry : 23
Biology: 38
Important Topics :
Chapter 8 – How do organisms reproduce
1. Modes of asexual reproduction
2. Structure of flower
3. Fertilisation in plants
4. Male and female reproductive system
Chapter 9 – Heredity and evolution
1. Mendelian crosses
2. Sex determination
3. Difference between acquired and inherited traits
4. Homologous and analogous organs
Chapter 15 – Our Environment
1. Ecosystem and its components
2. Food chain and food webs
3. Depletion of ozone layer
Chapter 16 – Management of Natural Resources
1. Need for Management of Natural Resources
2. Importance And Conservation Of Forest
3. Steps To Make Water Available To All
Chapter 4 – Carbon and its Compounds
1. Covalent bonding in carbon compounds
2. Allotropy
3. Catenation and tetravalency
4. Saturation and unsaturation in carbon compounds
5. Structure and formulas of carbon compounds
6. Structural isomers
7. Functional groups
8. Homologous series
9. Nomenclature
10. Chemical properties of carbon compounds
11. Properties of ethanol and ethanoic acid
12. Soaps and detergents: Advantages and disadvantages
Chapter 5 – Periodic classification of elements
1. Döbereiner’s Triads
2. Newlands’ Law of Octaves
3. Mendeleev’s periodic table
4. Modern Periodic Table
5. Trends in the Modern Periodic Table
Chapter 10 – Light – Reflection and Refraction
1. Image Formation by Spherical Mirrors
2. Refraction of Light through Glass Slab
3. Image Formation by Spherical Lenses
4. Lens Formula, Magnification and Power
Chapter 11 – The Human Eye and The Colourful World
1. Human Eye Structure
2. Defects in Vision and Corrections
3. Dispersion
4. Atmospheric Refractions
5. Scattering of Light

Watch Power Tips in < 100 Seconds on all your Science subjects to clear all your doubts here!


Physics Tips

1. Important Points to Remember:

2. Light:

3. Human Eye:


Chemistry Tips

1. Important Points to Remember:

2. Periodic Table:

3. Metals and Nonmetals:


Biology Tips

1. Important Points to Remember:

2. How do Organisms Reproduce:


 Watch out this space for more such videos. You can view the whole “Power Tips in Less Than 100 Seconds” series on our YouTube Channel. 


Last Moment Merit Tips:

a) Stay calm: When you know you have been preparing for weeks for this exam, so you should not be so tensed about it. Try to be confident and calm.
b) Do not skip your morning meal: Do take your first meal in the morning before the exam. It kick-starts your brain and makes it exam-ready. Try avoiding caffeine as it tends to make your thinking less clear.
c) Do not withdraw socially: Sharing your feelings with your friends and family is the most relaxing thing for your ‘tensed-up’ brain.
d) No last-minute cramming: We understand that you often lose your calmness before the exam and land up cramming up those topics that are not even relevant. This makes it difficult for the brain to recollect what it absorbed a day before.
e) Avoid discussing the question paper after the exam: This is what we all do every time when we walk out of an exam – asking our friends what did they put as answers for certain questions. There is no point worrying about what’s done and dusted, when you have the next exam to prepare for.


Please take a moment to spread these tips with your friends. After all, Knowledge is the only thing that grows when shared! 🙂


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