CBSE Class 10 Science Board Paper Analysis 2020

Meritnation|Mar 4th, 2020 07:08pm

CBSE successfully conducted class 10 Science board exam on 4th March 2020. Today’s science board exam was an interesting mix of different types of questions. It had 3 sets, and the difficulty level of the question paper was well maintained.

Looking at the change in pattern, Section A included comprehension, assertion reason type questions. As these were all VSA (very short answer) type questions, they were quite scoring and some of them were conceptual to test student’s understanding of concepts and their application.

This year’s paper was more or less similar to last year’s Science Board exam when it comes to the difficulty level.
The number of total questions in CBSE Class 10 Science paper was increased from 27 to 30. However, the total number of 3 marks and 5 mark questions remained the same.

Physics was mostly balanced with questions from all units/chapters distributed well. There was a question from Refraction which appeared to be difficult and required higher-order thinking skills.

Biology was equally balanced with just a small exception, the question with the highest weightage came from Heredity and evolution as opposed to previous years. Also, both the comprehension based questions in biology were long to read but, were simple to attempt.

The chemistry paper was quite tricky for students this year and some questions required a lot of thinking. A lengthy activity-based question was also asked that might have confused the students.

Overall, Biology contributed to the highest weightage of 29 Marks, followed by Physics 26 marks and Chemistry 25 marks.

The questions were as per the NCERT textbook. Mostly, it was a good paper with a balanced distribution of questions from all three subjects. At times, students have trouble completing their Class 10 Science board exam, but that didn’t seem to be the case this year. They Science board exam 2020 wasn’t lengthy. A student who has read NCERT and understood the concepts could answer the indirect questions as well. 

There was an error in question number 10 in Delhi Set 2 paper (MCQ). The question was:
Q10. Baking Soda is a mixture of:
(a) Sodium carbonate and acetic acid
(b) Sodium carbonate and tartaric acid
(c) Sodium hydrogen carbonate and tartaric acid
(d) Sodium hydrogen carbonate and acetic acid

It should be Baking Powder instead of Baking Soda.

You can find the solutions of the CBSE Class 10 Science board exam 2020 (Delhi, Set 2) here –

To watch a detailed video analysis of the CBSE Class 10 Science Board paper click here:

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