CBSE Class 12 Biology: Board Paper Solutions & Analysis

Meritnation|Mar 27th, 2018 06:57pm

The CBSE Board Biology Board Exam for 2018 was conducted on 27th March. Here’s an overall analysis of the paper by the experts at Meritnation. Read on to get a detailed analysis and solutions to the question paper.

Today’s CBSE XII Biology paper was no exception to the track of easy board exams this year. Biology exam is always feared for its length among the students. But this year’s paper was of a fair length, having no major tricky questions in the store. Most of the questions were directly from within the chapters of NCERT textbook. Hence, the students who had kept their faith in the NCERT and had prepared from it wholeheartedly would be highly pleased by the paper.

Some questions, though easy, but were asked in a little tricky manner to confuse the students. Surprisingly, there were no majorly difficult questions from the unit Genetics and Evolution. The VBQ’s were also very simple. In conclusion, the overall difficulty level of the paper was AVERAGE. Thus, it is needless to say that this year’s board exams for science stream students ended on a happy note.




You can watch a detailed live analysis by our Maths expert, now available on Facebook and YouTube.



You can check the Solutions to all sets of the paper for 2018 HERE.


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