CBSE Class 12 Economics Board Paper Analysis 2020

Meritnation|Mar 13th, 2020 06:54pm

The Economics board exam generally tends to be stressful for students as it can be lengthy and tricky in nature. But, the CBSE Class 12 Economics Board Exam 2020 was quite easy overall, with a slightly tricky Macro Economics section. The paper adhered to the exam pattern followed in the latest CBSE sample paper.

Some of the one mark questions in Section A were tricky and a student would have required thorough and conceptual knowledge to solve these questions. Most of the questions were direct and easy to understand for the students, especially in Indian Economic Development. However, a 3 marker numerical from National Income in place of a 6 marker, as expected, did surprise some of the students.

20 ‘one-mark questions’ were a new addition to the pattern of the question paper. Whereas, in previous years, only a few one-mark questions were there.

Overall, the paper was balanced, students who have thoroughly revised and prepared for the examination would easily be able to score above 65 in this paper out of 80.

To watch a detailed video analysis of the CBSE Class 12 Economics Board paper click here-

You can find the solutions of the CBSE Class 12 Economics board exam 2020 here:


Delhi Set 1:—solutions/board-papers/starttest/3hN5lR$p5M9xqQ7TddQo1A!!

Delhi Set 2:—solutions/board-papers/starttest/DtZ0lPinsL9x$iRNqAthRQ!!

Delhi Set 3:—solutions/board-papers/starttest/J5wAzVywDf98ogmY7u6hHQ!!



Delhi Set 1:—solutions/board-papers/starttest/59G$a9RBm39hrRc1@qT3gQ!!

Delhi Set 2:—solutions/board-papers/starttest/ByRnN@O76u26ES8T8tsH4w!!

Delhi Set 3:—solutions/board-papers/starttest/rlIKA5da2L53XuLHYRjaSA!!



Delhi Set 1:—solutions/board-papers/starttest/59wNDaMLTQrP37PY92W9EQ!!

Delhi Set 2:—solutions/board-papers/starttest/yM13kLOs12pglSeJtkGQXw!!

Delhi Set 3:—solutions/board-papers/starttest/3NS6mtD0QI0bD@gkfh4Qjg!!

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