CBSE Class 12 Physics Board Paper Analysis

Meritnation|Mar 2nd, 2020 06:46pm

The CBSE Physics board exam for class XII, conducted today was overall a lengthy and moderately difficult paper. 

Some questions were tricky, especially the Multiple Choice Questions (MCQs). The 1 mark questions had very specific answers and in order for students to score, the answers should be absolutely correct. Moreover, the Physics paper of 2020 was also quite heavy on the numericals and the questions were different between Sets 1 and 3.

Since CBSE changed the pattern of the paper this year, students had to face 37 questions as compared to the 30 questions last year. Last year there were only 8 Very Short Answer (VSA) type questions but this year 20 such questions were asked where students were supposed to reply in one word or a single sentence. 

The number of Long Answer type questions was less as compared to 2019 and sufficient internal choices were also provided. Though this didn’t help students much as the paper was lengthy.

The game-changing part was the introduction of the new pattern and approach towards questions as the paper was focussed around Understanding, Evaluating and Application of concepts rather than remembering facts. Most of the questions required a deeper understanding of concepts rather than just remembering the formula. Many students complained that the paper was lengthy as the number of questions increased.

All the questions were from the syllabus and as per the new CBSE pattern mentioned in the sample papers, but the anxiety level among the students was high due to the new pattern and only 3 preparatory leaves.

Also, many questions that appeared in the paper were already answered by the Meritnation experts in our Ask & Ans forum and most of the questions were directly from the class notes.

Anyone who has done a comprehensive study of the subject and has practiced sample papers would be able to attempt the paper with ease.

Click the following link to get the solutions of the CBSE Class 12 Physics Board Exam 2020 (Delhi, Set 2) –—solutions/board-papers/starttest/FoikiNE6dqACLT8Vxco2oQ!!

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To watch a detailed video analysis of the CBSE Class 12 Physics Board paper click here:

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