CBSE Class 7 Maths: Important Tips and Topics for SA2

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SA2 Maths Class 7The SA2 or the CBSE Summative Assessment II is just round the corner. Students are busy with their last minute revisions and trying to get the most out of their study hours these days.
Meritnation is here to give your exam preparation the final polish in Maths. Take a note of all the important topics you need to brush up before the exam so that when the question paper arrives in front of you on the D-Day, you will be able to smile and say – Ha! I know this!


Chapter 5 – Lines and Angles

We advise you to learn about all the angles and practice questions involving applications of the angles.
Important Topics:
1. Linear Pair of Angles
2. Transversal on Two Lines
3. Corresponding Angles Axiom and Its Converse
4. Alternate Angle Axiom and Its Converse
5. Using the Theorem that the Interior Angles on the Same Side of Transversal are Supplementary and Its Converse

a) Parallel lines being cut by transversal is an important topic. You must be aware of all the angles and their properties.
b) Draw neat figure of the given question and mark the points accordingly.
c) Labeling of the correct angles is very important.
d) Avoid redoing/cutting in the answer sheets, do rough work on the right side by drawing a margin.


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Chapter 6 – The Triangle and Its Properties

Important Topics:
1. Properties of Equilateral Triangles
2. Properties of Isosceles Triangles
3. Triangle Inequalities
4. Pythagoras Theorem and Its Converse

a) Follow the NCERT textbook and study all the topics in this chapter.
b) Equilateral triangles, isosceles triangles and Pythagoras theorem are important topics.
c) Draw neat diagrams with proper labels.


Chapter 7 – Congruence of Triangles

Important Topics:
1. SSS Congruence Rule
2. SAS Congruence Rule
3. ASA Congruence Rule
4. RHS Congruence Rule

a) You must be thorough with the various congruency rules and their applications.
b) Draw neat figures with proper labels.
c) Write proper steps with reasons wherever required.
d) Naming of the triangles should be correct.


RECOMMENDED RESOURCES: Revision Notes | Sample Papers | Textbook Solutions | Ask & Answer


Chapter 14 – Symmetry

Take time to understand the topic in a good manner.
Important Topics:
1. Rotational Symmetry and Order of Symmetry
2. Line of Symmetry and Rotational Symmetry of Figures

a) Don’t be in a hurry to solve the answers related to this chapter.
b) Remember to recheck your answer while attempting in the exam.
c) Draw neat and proper figures.


Chapter 15 – Visualising Solid Shapes

We suggest that you go through all the topics of the chapter. You must also be able to identify the types of ways a solid figure can be visualized.
Important Topics:
1. Nets of Three-dimensional Figures
2. Drawing Isometric Sketches of Solids
3. Arrangements of Cubes
4. Cross Sections of Solids
5. Solid Objects Viewed from Different Angles

a) This chapter requires a lot of neat diagrams.
b) Practise all the questions of the NCERT textbook for this chapter.


RECOMMENDED RESOURCES: Revision Notes | Sample Papers | Textbook Solutions | Ask & Answer


Chapter 3 – Data Handling

Go through the chapter and practice questions related to mean, median and mode of data.
Important Topics:
1. Median of Data Sets Having Odd Number of Terms
2. Construction of Double Bar Graphs
3. Interpretation of Double Bar Graphs
4. Probabilities in Simple Experiments without Using Formula

a) Recheck your answer after finding the mean/median/mode.
b) Draw the graphs neatly and do not forget to write the scale of the graph and the labeling on the x and y axis.
c) In questions involving interpretation of the graphs, read the graphs properly and avoid careless mistakes.
d) Be confident of the basics of chance and probability.


Chapter 10 – Practical Geometry

Important Topics:
1. Construction of a Triangle when the Lengths of Its Sides Are Given
2. Construction of a Triangle when the Lengths of Two Sides and Angle Between Them Are Given
3. Construction of a Triangle when Two Angles and the Length of Side Between Them Are Given
4. Construction of a Right-angled Triangle when the Length of One Leg and Hypotenuse Are Given

a) Revise the congruency criteria before starting this chapter.
b) Practical Geometry consists of construction using compass, ruler etc.
c) Make sure that your constructions are neat and tidy. Label the figures wherever needed.
d) Write all steps of construction in simple language and in stepwise proper manner.


RECOMMENDED RESOURCES: Revision Notes | Sample Papers | Textbook Solutions | Ask & Answer


Chapter 11 – Perimeter and Area

You should know the formulas for finding the area and perimeter of different shapes.
Important Topics:
1. Area of Rectangle by Dividing It into Congruent Parts
2. Area of Parallelogram
3. Area of Triangle
4. Circumference of Circle
5. Area of Circle

a) Do not forget to write the unit in the questions involving dimensions.
b) Draw neat and tidy figures with proper labels.
c) If you don’t have any clue on how to solve and are left with little time, try to show your effort by writing the introductory steps and sketch out figures if relevant to the questions.

All the best with your SA2 revisions and exams!

Please take a moment to spread these tips with your friends. After all, Knowledge is the only thing that grows when shared! 🙂


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