CBSE Improvement Exam for Board Papers: All You Need To Know

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What is CBSE Improvement Exam

CBSE Improvement Exam is an option available to students looking to improve their class 10th or class 12th Board result. A student who has passed the CBSE Board exam gets an opportunity to sit for the board exam again next year for improvement of performance in one or more subjects. The student can appear as a private candidate. Those who choose to reappear for exams for all the subjects can appear as regular school candidates as well.

The CBSE Board exams are held in the months of March and April and CBSE results are declared in May. Students can then apply for CBSE Improvement exams starting in the month of August and give the succeeding year’s Board exam in the months of March and April again.


Some Important Points to Keep In Mind When Applying for CBSE Improvement Exams

1. CBSE Improvement Exam can be attempted only once in the succeeding year after the Board exam. More than one attempt is not allowed by CBSE.

2. CBSE Improvement Exam can be taken in any subject in the succeeding year’s Board exam ONLY after passing the subject in the existing year’s Board exam. If the candidate fails in any subject, they are not eligible to sit for an improvement exam. In that case, they would be required to sit for CBSE Compartment Examinations.

3. A candidate appearing for an additional subject examination cannot appear for improvement exams simultaneously.

4. CBSE Improvement exams can be given either for one or more subjects or for all subjects.

5. For subjects that involve a section of marks from practical work, the candidate shall be allowed to appear for the exam in the theory part ONLY and marks in practical obtained at the main examination shall be carried forward and accounted for.

6. Students can appear as private candidates for CBSE Improvement Exam, that is, they need not attend regular school classes to appear in the exam. Those appearing for improvement exams for all the subjects can also appear as regular school candidates, if admitted by the school.

7. Candidates appearing for improvement exam cannot pursue higher studies during this course.

CBSE Improvement Exam

When Are CBSE Class 10th and Class 12th Improvement Exams Held

CBSE Improvement exams are conducted along with the Board exam of the following year (which are in Mar-Apr). For instance, if a candidate appeared for CBSE Class 12 Board exam in year 2015 and applied for an improvement exam in any subject, he/she would need to appear for the CBSE Class 12 Board exam in 2016 for the same subject. So the exam dates and question papers are same as those for regular CBSE board exams.

What is the process to Apply for CBSE Improvement Exams

1. CBSE releases forms for Improvement Exam in the months of July or August. For 2015, the CBSE Improvement exam forms are expected to be released around 20th August, 2015.

2. The forms are available:
> Online on the CBSE website
> Offline at Regional offices of the CBSE Board and also at branches of Syndicate Bank in Delhi region.
> Some schools also provide these forms for students.

3. CBSE Improvement Exam Application Forms are of two types – DISSCE (exclusively for Government Schools in Delhi) and AISSCE (for private schools – All India level). Students need to fill these forms and submit to CBSE ideally by 15th September. Post 15th September, the forms can be submitted till 15th December but CBSE levies a late fee.

4. Cost of the CBSE Improvement Application Form is usually INR 10. The fees per subject to be submitted is usually Rs.200 (may change).

CBSE Improvement Exam Result and Marksheet

1. The CBSE Improvement Exam result is declared as part of the Board exam result in the month of May every year.

2. Students appearing for CBSE Improvement Exam are issued a new marksheet, reflecting their revised marks. A new passing certificate is not issued, as the previous year’s passing certificate remains valid.

3. The improvement marksheet is different from board marksheet and the combination of marks of both the marksheets are valid while applying for a college. Some rules vary from college to college.

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