CBSE Introduces ‘Applied Mathematics’ For Class 11

Meritnation|Apr 3rd, 2020 04:42pm

After introducing  Standard & Basic levels of mathematics papers for class 10 students, CBSE will now offer a new academic elective ‘Applied Mathematics’ at the senior secondary level. CBSE Class 11 students will be able to opt for the new elective subject from the academic session starting in 2020.

Who can opt for Applied Mathematics

Class 11 students from the current academic year (2020-21) can opt for ‘Applied Mathematics’ paper as an academic elective. This is especially for those students who have passed the Basic or Standard Mathematics exam in class 10 and do not wish to take up the subject for higher studies or won’t opt for courses that require a broader understanding of the subject. 

As per CBSE’s circular, “Students who want to opt for higher studies in Mathematics at the university level as an Elective or want to take admission in Mathematics Honours course or Engineering course may take Mathematics (041). The Applied Mathematics (241) course is designed to enhance the knowledge and skills of Mathematics that are required to be successful in different fields of their future career. Therefore this course may be selected by students keeping this aspect in mind.”


How is it beneficial for students

Applied Mathematics will help students develop an understanding of basic mathematical and statistical tools and their usage in various fields. It is believed that the new addition in the curriculum will enhance students’ competency skills like problem-solving, logical reasoning, problem-solving, etc.

As part of the ‘Applied Mathematics’ curriculum, real-world problems would be designed into mathematical expressions using a numerical, algebraic, and graphical representation.


You can download the CBSE circular here-


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