Celebrate the festive season, the healthy way

Meritnation|Oct 24th, 2019 03:14pm

The month of October is here, and with it the beginning of the festive season. Schools close for the holidays, families have planned special celebrations and there is much to rejoice. The focus invariably shifts to food, with the many Diwali and Christmas parties lined up one after the other. 

While festivities are regarded as the time to eat scrumptious food, ensure that you manage to balance it out with some healthy options too. Avoid junk food. Especially if you are appearing for your board exams this academic year, you need to be more careful. Eat foods that will help you increase immunity, sharpen memory and reduce stress.

Here is a list you can follow to balance your festival indulgence and health:

  1. Milk – Milk is one of the major sources of calcium. You may already know that Calcium is a natural stabilizer for the nervous system. If you are having trouble sleeping or you feel anxious all the time, take a glass of warm milk before bed. Milk is high in antioxidants, vitamins B2 and B12, as well as protein and calcium. The protein lactium has a calming effect on the body, it lowers the blood pressure, while the potassium in milk can help relieve muscle spasms triggered by feeling tense.
  2. Banana & Citrus Fruits- Bananas helps your brain produce serotonin. Serotonin is responsible for mood. It can make the mood become stable and happy. The potassium in bananas helps keep the blood pressure at a normal level. Bananas also contain Magnesium which has the effect of relieving psychological pressure and easing emotional tension.
    Eat more foods that are rich in vitamin C. It again has the effect of relieving psychological pressure. You can have your share of Vitamin C from fresh fruits and vegetables such as Orange, Lemon, Tomato, etc.

  3. Spinach – Spinach is a rich source of calcium and iron along with vitamin A. Iron in spinach will help you develop a strong immunity. Better the immunity less are the changes to fall ill. Be like Popeye and load up on spinach. Just like Banana, Spinach too has magnesium, the mineral that helps regulate cortisol levels and promote feelings of wellbeing. So, add this superfood in your diet; slip some in with your morning eggs, swap for lettuce in your sandwich, steam it as a side dish, or drop a handful of leaves into your soup.

  4. Almonds – You must have heard the elders claiming that almonds help in improving memory power. Almonds have long been known to improve not just memory skills but also overall brain function. Almonds are moderately rich in lean protein, Vitamin B6 and Vitamin E. It not only gives you a boost of energy but also helps repair brain cells thus improving cognitive functions including memory. You don’t need a lot of almonds to help improve memory; about eight to 10 almonds soaked in water overnight and consumed in the day works effectively. For variety, spread some almond butter on fruit slices or whole wheat crackers to combat stress.

  5. Water – The most important element of your diet is water. Water helps regulate and maintain body temperature and help your body in digesting the food. As a result of exam stress, you’re more likely to forget to drink and eat well. You must make it a priority to keep yourself well-hydrated daily whether exams are round the corner or not. Sip your stress away!

We hope this information was helpful to you. If you know of some super-foods that we missed, tell us in the comments section.

Here’s to a happy, healthy festive season!
Team Meritnation


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