Helping Your Child In The Primary School

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helping your child with schoolPrimary School is a whole new world for children and it has its own challenges and fun experiences. New friends, a new place, new sounds, new rules, more people; they have a lot to deal with which can be overwhelming at times.

It’s a time for you to support them in this journey of learning and maturing. Here are a few ways you can go about this:

1. Preparation For Learning:
It is important to create a positive attitude towards learning. It becomes your exclusive responsibility to encourage your child to be inquisitive and curious, and to ask questions.

So when you indulge in activities with your child like going to the zoo, or a visit to a museum, encourage them to ask questions. Suggest to them things to think about.

You can even do this on a simple trip to the market. You could ask something like “Ever wondered why apples have different colour patterns” or “How many people do you think can drink from this medium size bottle?”

Children get encouraged when they get positive responses from parents, siblings and teachers to their questions. This inquisitiveness is central to your child’s learning.

2. Asking About Their Day At School:
Enquire about the activities your child did today in school. Did they paint or sing? Learned numbers or new words? Show interest in your child’s daily learning. This will encourage them to speak about their interests and fears at school. Try your best to reassure and comfort them.

3. Help With Uniforms And Books:
Give plenty of time for dressing and packing your child’s backpack. Encourage children to pack their own bags, but you might need to supervise to ensure that your child is carrying all the books & notebooks required according to that day’s timetable.

Make sure that your child’s uniform is prim and proper, shoes & laces are clean, nails are cut, hair brushed. A neat and tidy appearance goes a long way in creating a good impression on teachers, plus boosts the child’s confidence.

4. Healthy Eating:
Children form their eating habits for life from an early age, so it is important that you start them on the right path. A good diet, plenty of sleep and exercise are essential for your child’s growth. Provide your child with a balanced diet. Make lunch time interesting for them so that they love their veggies and fruits. You could try working out a lunch chart by the day of the week for them to keep it interesting.

5. Health and Hygiene:
Your child will be sharing their classrooms with a large number of kids. Close contact will be unavoidable, so pay attention to your child’s health and hygiene. Teach them to keep themselves clean and their surroundings clean. Guide them on not to share food or water with someone who is not well.

Check your child’s hair regularly for head lice and treat them soon if found. Make sure that your child’s nails are cut and do not have any dirt under them.

6. Homework:
Set aside a regular time for completing homework. Encourage your child to keep their notebooks and books clean and tidy. Doing any other activity while doing homework should not be practised. While you might not all need to sit with your child while they do their homework, but you can keep a check to ensure they complete their homework.

7. Bullying:
It is a problem which nobody wants to discuss openly. Building confidence and independence can happen when you listen and interact with your child. Talk to your child and teach them to say ‘no’ and to be confident while dealing with difficult situations.

Also, encourage them to be kind and empathic to everyone and not turn into bullies themselves. You can find online help by reading articles on how to deal with such situations too.

We hope these tips help! If you like the article, please share with your friends and family who have children attending primary school.

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