Board Exam Hacks: Tips for CBSE Class 10 Maths

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CBSE, Class 10, Board Exams, Exam TipsThe proverb ‘Practice makes Perfect’ holds very true for Maths. So, while the mantra for success in Maths is ‘Practice as much as you can’ –  from the Class 10 NCERT textbook, other reference books such as R.D. Sharma and R.S. Aggarwal reference and previous years’ board papers, it will definitely help you in your Class 10 Board Exams if you can identify the important chapters in Maths and know the important topics therein.

Our experts have prepared a chapter-wise list of important topics for Maths, together with special tips for every chapter. We are sure you will find it useful to give your best in the Maths paper for CBSE Class 10 Boards Exams

Chapter: Real Numbers

Important Topics

  • Proof of irrationality
  • Terminating and non-terminating decimals
  • Euclid’s division lemma


Tip: Majority questions from this chapter are either 1 mark or 2 mark questions. 

Chapter: Polynomials

Important Topics

  • Zeros of polynomial
  • Division of polynomials
  • Relation between zeros and coefficients


Tip: Practise as many questions as you can, as calculation mistakes are a major factor for losing marks in this chapter.

Chapter: Pair of Linear Equations in Two Variables

Important Topics

  • Geometrically representing equations in two variables as lines
  • Conditions of inconsistency of pair of linear equations
  • Solving equations of two variables via different methods such as cross-multiplication.

Chapter: Triangles

Important Topics

  • Pythagoras Theorem and Its Applications


Tip: Remember to learn the Proof of all Theorems with proper statements and remember to draw the diagram while attempting the question.

Chapter: Introduction to Trigonometry

Important Topics

  • Relation between trigonometric ratios
  • Table for trigonometric ratios of some standard angles
  • Trigonometric ratios of complementary angles
  • Trigonometric identities and their proofs.


Tip: Almost all the topics taught in this chapter hold great importance as this chapter forms a base for Trigonometry. Practise as much as possible.

Chapter: Statistics

Important Topics

  • Different methods for calculating mean or any missing frequency.
  • Methods to find median and mode for a given data.


Tip: This is an easy and scoring chapter. Make sure to practise well. Revise your answers so that you do not make calculation mistakes.

Chapter: Quadratic Equations

Important Topics

  • Solution of Quadratic Equations by Using Quadratic Formula
  • Conditions under ​which a Quadratic Equation has Real or Imaginary Roots


Tip: Do check whether an equation is quadratic or not; finding roots of quadratic equations, finding discriminant of an equation, checking the nature of roots and solving word problems are important.

Chapter: Arithmetic Progressions

Important Topics

  • nth Term of an Arithmetic Progression
  • Sum of n Terms of an Arithmetic Progression


Tip:  Make sure you’ve understood the formulae used for nth term of AP and the sum of terms

Chapter:Coordinate Geometry

Important Topics

  • Section Formula for Internal Division
  • Area of a Triangle in a Coordinate Plane


Tip:  Be careful while using the vertices or points involving negative sign. Revise the formulae well and remember to practise questions from the NCERT textbook.

Chapter: Some Applications of Trigonometry

Important Topics

  • Solving Real World Problems Involving Heights and Distances


Tip:  Draw neat diagrams supporting the question and remember to mark all the figures neatly. Do not forget to write the units, wherever required

Chapter: Circles

Important Topics

  • Tangents Drawn from an External Point to a Circle
  • Proof and Application of Theorem 10.1 and 10.2


Tip:  Draw neat figures and explain the answers with proper steps, giving reasons wherever required.

Chapter: Constructions

Important Topics

  • Construction of a Triangle Similar to The Given Triangle
  • Construction of Tangents to a Circle from a Point Outside the Circle


Tip:  Do draw a rough figure before making the actual diagram. Use only well-sharpened pencils for constructions.

Chapter: Areas Related to Circles

Important Topics

  • Area of Segment of a Circle
  • Area of Combination of Circles and Other Plane Figures


Tip: Do not forget to write the unit in the questions involving dimensions.

Chapter: Surface Area & Volume

Important Topics

  • Curved Surface Area of Combination of Solids
  • Total Surface Area of Combination of Solids
  • Volume of Combination of Solids


Tip: Make sure you remember all the formulae for calculating surface areas and volumes

Chapter: Probability

Important Topics

  • Theoretical Probability of Occurrence of Events
  • Finding Probability Using Complement of a Known Event


Tip: Read the question well. Make sample space after reading the question. Draw the chart of sample space for 2 throws of a dice or when 2 dice are thrown.

We hope you find these helpful. Remember to polish your strengths till they shine! Identify the topics in Math that you are strong in. Work more on those topics to ensure that you are ready for any challenge when you are tested on them in your Class 10 Board Exams.

Finally, remember to practise with board papers – Go through Board Papers of previous years. You can watch the analysis of CBSE Class 10 Maths Board Exam 2017 Here. Going through these questions will surely help you boost your confidence as you prepare for your Class 10 Board Exams starting in March. 

Previous Year  Papers for CBSE Class 10 Board Exams (2006 – 2017)

Paper Analysis for CBSE Class 10 Board Exams 2016

Paper Analysis for CBSE Class 10 Board Exams 2017

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