Introduction to Trigonometry CBSE Class 10 Math

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There are several ways to study trigonometry for a student. But nothing can beat the effectiveness of custom designed notes and study videos for students of CBSE Class 10. Here you can find comprehensive study and revision notes, videos, practice questions with solutions and tests for Class 10 Math topics like Introduction to Trigonometry. Students can hone their skills at deciphering, analysing and solving a variety of problems from trigonometry, and get better marks in exams!

Introduction to Trigonometry – Application to Real Life Problems

Introduction to Trigonometry

Suppose a boy is standing in front of a lamp post at a certain distance. The boy and his shadow form a right-angled triangle as shown in the figure here. The height of the boy is 170 cm and the length of his shadow is 150 cm. Can you find out the height of the lamp post?

The solution to this is explained in the video below.

Introduction to Trigonometry Video

Heights and Distances – Class 10 Mathematics – Some Applications of Trigonometry Solutions Online Video

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Popular Questions asked by our students from Introduction to Trigonometry:


  • Question 1: 
    How to make working model on trigonometry?

    Answer from Expert

  • Question 2: 
    Find the value of sin30 geometrically
    Answer from Expert

  • Question 3: 
    Prove the Identities?
    ( Sec8A-1)/( Sec4A-1)=Tan8A/Tan2A
    Answer from Expert

  • Question 4: 
    Trigonometry is used in our daily lives .justify the statement
    Answer from Expert

  • Question 5: 
    Find the value of cos 1°. cos 2°. cos 3°. …….. cos 89° – sin 1°. sin 2°. sin 3°. …….. sin 89°
    Answer from Expert
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    Important NCERT Questions from Introduction to Trigonometry Chapter

    Question 1:

    In ΔABC right angled at B, AB = 24 cm, BC = 7 m. Determine

    (i) sin A, cos A

    (ii) sin C, cos C

    Question 2:

    Given 15 cot A = 8. Find sin A and sec A

    Question 3:

    If ∠A and ∠B are acute angles such that cos A = cos B, then show that

    ∠A = ∠B.

    Question 4:

    In ΔPQR, right angled at Q, PR + QR = 25 cm and PQ = 5 cm. Determine the values of sin P, cos P and tan P.

    Question 5:

    State whether the following are true or false. Justify your answer.

    (i) sin (A + B) = sin A + sin B

    (ii) The value of sinθ increases as θ increases

    (iii) The value of cos θ increases as θ increases

    (iv) sinθ = cos θ for all values of θ

    (v) cot A is not defined for A = 0°
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