It’s Makeover Time for Meritnation

Meritnation|Oct 12th, 2017 11:10am

It’s a Diwali makeover! We’ve given the Meritnation website a whole new look. And the best part   – not only is the new design good looking, it also makes studying on Meritnation so much easier.

The new look is the culmination of months of user interface research that involved observing how students interacted with the website – where do they begin, what are they looking for, and how are students using the website. Equipped with all this information, the user interface engineers at Meritnation set out to create a brand new experience for our users, that promises to make studying on Meritnation a seamlessly smooth experience.

Here are some of the highlights of this new look:

  • You start with a Subject! Obvious, isn’t it? That’s what we thought too. So we made some changes that now let you choose a subject in the top navigation. And by clicking on the subject that you wish to start studying, you can get straight into all the content available for that subject – whether it is attending Live Classes or accessing all chapterwise features.

A subject-based navigation


A subject-based navigation will ensure that you can smoothly access all the study material related to the particular chapter/ subject that you are studying, without spending too much looking for it on the website. So whether it is taking a test, watching a concept video, accessing revision notes or viewing popular questions for that chapter – it is all available to you on a single page.

Everything for a particular subject available at one place


  • Easy access to some of the most used and popular features. It all began with our wish to increase the usability of some of the popular features on the website and make them easy to discover. The following screenshots will show you how you can easily access some of the powerful features on Meritnation and catapult your studies to the next level.


Live Classes – Once you choose your subject, your Live Class Sessions will be visible to you on the page.

All Live Class Sessions  – Upcoming & Scheduled

Test Generator – Clicking on the ‘Textbooks’ tab on the left panel will open up the chapters in the particular subject. Clicking on the ‘Generate Test’ button on the top will allow you to choose the chapters on which you want to generate a test for practice. What better way to drill your learning deep down into your brain than by taking a quick test on the topic!


Generate a Test – In a click!

Chapter Resources – Click on any chapter of your choice and access all relevant features available for that chapter.


                   Click on a Chapter                                                       And work your way through all features!

TextBook Solutions – Click on ‘Textbook Solutions’ on the left navigation and choose the particular textbook for which you are seeking solutions. Click on view solutions for the chapter that you want solutions for.  

Course Explorer to help you view at a glance all the resources for your class that are available to you on Meritnation. So whether it is accessing the Olympiad Course on Meritnation or the Foundation Course for JEE, you can now do it seamlessly from the top navigation bar.

Explore all resources on Meritnation for your class right here!

We hope you enjoy browsing through the ‘new look’ Meritnation and make the most of all the study resources that we have so meticulously organized for you, to give you a smooth, hassle-free and intuitive browsing and studying experience.

Happy Studying!


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