All you need to know about YouTeach Season 3

Meritnation|Sep 7th, 2020 06:23pm

YouTeach is a video upload contest by Meritnation, where students can participate in a friendly competition by uploading a video of them teaching their favourite concept or topic. The First Season was launched on Teacher’s Day 2019 and it was a huge hit. Followed by a second season at the start of the lockdown, to motivate students, as students had to get used to the idea of staying at home. Thousands of students uploaded their videos and some even hit a million views, thousands of likes and comments. 

The best part is, this is where students get to show off their talent as teachers! And what’s more, they are not bound to any subject or topic and the rules are quite flexible. They can pick up whatever they want, from grade 6th to 12th syllabus. A 10th-grade student can explain a topic of 8th or 9th standard, students can use a whiteboard, charts, ppt’s or infographics. They can also get creative by doing some science experiments or mathematics calculations in a fun way. The contest will be held for 15 days from 5th September to 19th September. 
Download the Meritnation App to participate –

5 Reasons Why You Should Participate in YouTeach 

1. You get a chance to be a teacher and get featured on our app.

2. Win exciting prizes like Apple MacBook Pro, Samsung Tab and OnePlus Nord

3. Get your parents and siblings involved and spend fun time recording this video your parents and siblings.

4. Take this opportunity to express your gratitude towards your favourite teacher

5. Share your secret Merit Ka Funda to make learning fun for your friends or juniors and become the star teacher. 

How to Participate in YouTeach Season 3?

Step 1 – Pick up your favourite topic and record while you explain it.

Step 2 – Upload your video on the Meritnation App.

Ster 3 – Get your friends, neighbours, and siblings to like your video for getting ahead in the game.

For detailed Terms & Conditions on YouTeach Season 3, Click here 

So, what are you waiting for? Download Meritnation App Now 

Need Some Video Tips? We got you covered.                                        

Video Tip 1 – Always stand facing the light to avoid shady videos.

Video Tip 2 – Pick lighter backgrounds, as dark ones take the attention away from you.

Video Tip 3 – Switch off all noisy appliances while making videos to avoid interruptions in audio.

Video Tip 4 – You can make the video first and then add a voiceover later if the audio is not clear.

Video Tip 5 – Always have an opening & ending shot, which makes videos more engaging.

Video Tip 7 – Always use the back camera for higher resolution videos.

Video Tip 8 – You can also use some free video-making apps like InShot, VivaVideo, KineMaster and Quick. 

Video Tip 9 – For clear audio, we recommend you use a mic or headphones. 
All the best!
Team Meritnation


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