10 Classmates you are sure to miss these Summer Holidays

Meritnation|Jun 3rd, 2015 03:46pm

Which one is you and which ones are your friends? Share and tag your friends here!

The joy of having close to two months of absolutely no classes, no daily homework and no set schedules involving getting up early in the morning is unmatched! In other words, the period of summer vacations feels like all your wishes coming true in one go, isn’t it? But there is something that almost all of you miss during these two months of bliss, right? Of course! Your friends and classmates from school! What class you are in, does not matter, the friends who either go off for vacations out of town or the ones that stay too far to meet on a daily basis are the one thing you will definitely long for!

Now, friends and classmates are of several types. Some you may be really close to, some you may be comfortable being around, while some who become a source of amusement and fun for the whole class! You may be missing the  punishments, having food in class without getting caught, passing secret notes from one desk to other and so much more!



Here is a list of a few classmates you are sure to miss during the summer vacations. Just the kinds who make us wish holidays get over soon!

1. The One With 100% Attendance




These ones just don’t want to miss school. They take “attendance” too seriously come rain, hail or storm. They are the ones to rely on when you have miss school since they have all the notes. It never hurts to share your goodies with them for all their help.


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2. The Cool Rebel




The ‘I-hate-rules’ ones with their loose ties and unbuttoned shirts always get away with everything because of that smile that melts away everyone’s hearts, be it teachers, the principal, the peons or anyone else. These are the best ones to be with when caught playing cricket or bunking Hindi class. Wish you  could hangout together with them these summer vacations, right?



3. The One Who Had Way, Way Too Many Doubts




They took it seriously when the teacher said, “You have a doubt a hundred times, I’ll explain it to you each time.” The only plus point of having them was that they paused the class long enough for the teacher to forget about the rest of ya’ll. But, surprisingly, their questions turned out to be important questions for the holiday project. Phew! thank them, for now you know the answers.


4.  The Topper




That snob who has achieved the first rank with hard work but never misses a chance to make everybody jealous. While they are our parents’ delight, other students just love to plan on ways to beat them. Not only do you wish you don’t bump into them while on a holiday outing but also wish you knew what the secret to their meritorious academic record is.

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5. The “I Didn’t do my holiday project, I Swear” One




These ones convince you that they haven’t done their holiday project and they only “skimmed” through the textbook once. But behold, walk into the class after vacations and they’ll have their names on the board because they’re among the top 3 students who have submitted the homework. Bad luck! No matter how much these ones anger you, competition is an important skill, and you will lose when you procrastinate.


6. The Giggle Gang



Sitting together in a cluster, giggling unapologetically during every single lecture, continuing with their laughter even when the teacher separates them. These ones are always the happiest. Well, you know what, laughter is the best infection too! They make the boring class fun and everybody around them curious about the jokes.

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7. One Who Had The Tastiest Tiffin



This person obviously has the most friends in class. Their tiffin is a micro restaurant with lots of goodies. No wonder it is spotless before the first period gets over. We all love junk food but their home cooked munchies are to die for! Slurp!

8. The Comedian 



These ones have the most funny laughter, you may not laugh on their jokes but the sound of their laughter is a joke in itself. They are so talented, they can mimic every teacher and always have a ready joke up their sleeves. They are keen observers but totally forget that the water cycle holiday project also needs to show evaporation…why is the water flying, dude?

9. The Hotties



They are the most happening ones in the class. The way they walk, talk or even act oozes an impeccable sense of style. They always seem to be in the know of the prettiest girl in the other sections or are already friends with them. You never know, maybe they will introduce you too. Oh, we know the rest! We know the smile on your faces! 🙂

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10. The Backbenchers



The chillest of the chillers, they are laid-back, with a knack for drawing on benches, and giving the class the required daily dose of LOLs. You meet these people everyday, yet they tag you in pictures, poke you for no apparent reason and send you incessant gamer requests. Sometimes annoying, but during summer vacations these ones definitely make you feel their absence.

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So which one are you and which ones do you miss the most these vacation? Share with us in the comments below by tagging your classmates. For more summer school talk, Meritnation has exclusive school pages for all of you. With Meritnation school pages you have your personal online school community where you can discuss all your holiday homework, share notes and much more.



Happy Holidays

Team Meritnation


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