Why Should You Study History

Meritnation|Mar 14th, 2019 03:30pm

History as an academic subject, is popular in curriculums across the globe. However, students don’t often know why they should take the subject. History involves descriptions of events, wars, life stories of rulers and other major elements that make up the present world that we live in. History may not require calculations, formulas and theories but it forms the base for whatever our present is.


Students who study history in school and wish to take it up at higher educational levels should know the worth of the subject and how important it is to the generation. The following are a few points that will explain why teaching history as a subject began and how it helped.


  1. 1. Know the world around you better

Would you know who you are, who were your ancestors and family members were, or anything about your past had someone not explained your history to you? Similarly, in order to know how mankind evolved, we need to study the past. This way, we are better informed about our existence.


  1. 2. Understand different cultures

The world is a huge place, and in it exist different cultures, different identities, customs and rituals. Studying history helps us know many of these, if not all, a little better. You add all kinds of cultural information about people, their festivals, religions, beliefs and much more to your knowledge.


  1. 3. Understand changes on the earth better

The world wasn’t always the way you see it today. There have been millions of changes, made by human forces as well as natural ones. These changes have given humans and all other living and nonliving things a new shape. Everything that you see has undergone multiple changes over the years. On studying the subject, you get to know various changes.


  1. 4. Learn from the past

The best way to learn and get better is through mistakes and achievements of the past. While there have been many brilliant things that people have done, and made the world a better place to live, there have been several unfortunate incidents and mishaps too. We can learn from both in differently, which means, we can get inspired from the good things and make sure the bad things do not happen again.


  1. 5. Prepare yourself because ‘History Repeats Itself’

When you are well aware of your present as well as your past, it becomes easier to deal with the future. Studying history makes you smarter as you know more, you can judge better and you will not make repetitive mistakes either. Hence, it will be up to you to discover new things, get rid of problems of any kind better.


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Happy Studying
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