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Major Themes

History and Memory

The novel is not only about the memories of the past but also about accepting one’s own history and past. When Silas finds Eppie, he immediately thinks of his sister who is dead. He had forgotten about her but now, he feels as if she has come back. He even names the child Hephzibah after his mother. Thus, the child helps him to recover things from his past. After the arrival of Eppie, he even remembers the use of herbs that his mother had taught him. Silas is always invaded with memories of his past life where he was cheated by his best friend, William. Before the arrival of Eppie, his banishment from Lantern Yard had made Silas indifferent to the villagers of Raveloe. Even the villagers indulged in remembering the past, for example, they would talk about the Lammeters coming to the village in the past. Memories of the past…

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