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Communication and its Broad Categories

After going through this lesson, you shall be able to understand the following concepts:
Meaning of Communication
Process of Communication
Types of Communication
In our day to day life, we interact with a number of people. These people can be our parents, classmates, teachers, friends or friends of friends. Do you know; how do we exchange our ideas, emotions, feelings, thoughts, and etcetera?
Yes, by communicating with them. So, Communication can be defined as a medium of exchanging our ideas, views, opinions or information using a certain medium which could be verbal (oral or written) or non-verbal (body postures and gestures). The communication between 2 or more people should be in such a manner that all of them should be able to understand each other in an exact way.

“Communication is a transfer of information from one person to another, whether or not it elicits confidence. But the information transferred must be understandable to the receiver “– G.G. Brown.
“Communication is the intercourse by words, letters or messages”- Fred G. Meyer.

One should remember that there could be certain premises on which a Communication takes place between the people. These premises could be enlisted as under:
1. Purpose: A student communicating with his teacher in the classroom may have certain doubts about the subject. To clear this doubt, he asks the same by communicating with the teacher. So, here the purpose of communication is to clear a doubt. 
2. Contents: This means the suitable words or expressions that a student shall use to communicate his doubt to the teacher.
3. Medium: This means the source which the student shall use to communicate his doubt for example text, e-mail, speech, postures and gestures.
4. Transposal: This means sending the message to the intended receiver.
5. Miscommunication: There could be certain causes which may disturb the entire communication process such as traffic noise; natural factors; distractions; hearing problem; speech difficulties, etcetera.
6. Receipt of the message: This means delivery of the message to the intended user; for example when you forward certain message on WhatsApp; the 2 ticks show that the receiver has received the message.
7. Decoding the messageā€¦

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