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Comprehension Passages and Note Making

Strategies for Attempting Comprehension Passages

After going through this lesson, you shall be able to understand the following concepts related to Strategies for Attempting Comprehension Passages.
1. Understand the author’s main point, that is, the core idea.
2. Look for the key arguments being put forward to prove the central idea.
3. It is helpful to underline the details/ information asked for in the questions to avoid misinterpretation of the question. For example: What did Sameer seek while digging the soil?
Hence, Underlining will bring clarity, that is, the answer should be based on the object/ emotion/ state of mind sought by Sameer and not diffculties faced while digging the soil, etc.
4. Look for the continuity words
...such as Similarly, Moreover, Additionally, In the same way, Likewise because these words will help in maintaining a continuity in the meaning of the passage.
5. Look for the negative qualifiers words
...such as perhaps, appears, somewhat, seems like, etc. because these words will help in recognising the doubt created about fact being stated.
6. Look for the contrasting words
...such as Nonetheless, However, But, Although, Despite, because these words will help in knowing the contrast taking place in the written words.
7. Look for the conclusion Words
...such as Thus, Therefore, Hence, In summary, In Conclusion because these words will help in summing up th passage properly.
8. At times readers feel none of the given choices answer the question. Hence, it is advised to reread and choose the answers carefully.
9. Make sure that you go through the question again before you move on to the next question.
Traditional Approach
1. Top-down approach: It is a traditional approach of reading where the passage is read first and then the questions are read and then the solutions are found. However, it can be a time taking process when you are taking an exam.
2. Bottom-up approach: This approach is about reading the questions before and then reading the text or passage. Mainly, this approach advocates the moving from the parts to the whole.
Modern Approach
3. Skimming and Scanning: Skimming is about reading a text quickly to get a fair idea of the meaning of the text. And Scanning means reading a text or passag…

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