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Glimpses Of India

Question 1:

1. Look at these words: upkeep, downpour, undergo, dropout, walk-in. They are built up from a verb (keep, pour, go, drop, walk) and an adverb or a particle (up, down, under, out, in).

Use these words appropriately in the sentences below. You may consult a dictionary.

(i) A heavy ___________ has been forecast due to low pressure in the Bay of Bengal.

(ii) Rakesh will ___________major surgery tomorrow morning.

(iii) My brother is responsible for the ______________of our family property.

(iv) The ____________rate for this accountancy course is very high.

(v) She went to the Enterprise Company to attend a _______________ interview.

2. Now fill in the blanks in the sentences given below by combining the verb given in brackets with one of the words from the box as appropriate.







(i) The Army attempted unsuccessfully to ___________ the government. (throw)

(ii) Scientists are on the brink of a major ___________in cancer research. (break)

(iii) The State Government plans to build a ______________for Bhubaneswar to speed up traffic on the main highway. (pass)

(iv) Gautama’s ____________on life changed when he realised that the world is full of sorrow. (look)

(v) Rakesh seemed unusually _______________ after the game. (cast)



(i)A heavy downpour has been forecast due to low pressure in the Bay of Bengal.

(ii)Rakesh will undergo major surgery tomorrow morning.

(iii)My brother is responsible for the upkeep of our family property.

(iv)The dro…

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