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Unit 1 The World Of Sports

Question D.2:

There are hundreds and thousands of sports and games being played all over the world. However, we can place them under the following categories in order to know about them in a more convenient and systematic manner.

Some of the categories are as follows:

1. Team Sports 2. Athletics 3. Gymnastics 4. Racquet Sports 5. Water Sports 6. Combat Sports 7.Target Sports 8. Motor Sports 9.Equestrian Events 10. Adventure, Fun and Indigenous Sports

Working in small groups of 4-5 students, discuss and place the sports and games given below in the category to which each of them belongs.

Paragliding Go-Karting hurdles pommel horse basketball windsurfing Formula One judo sculling fencing kayaking pole vaulting dressage squash kickboxing kho kho kung fu malkham snowboarding golf decathlon cricket soccer snooker kabbadi


1. Team Sports: basketball, cricket, soccer

2. Athletics: hurdles, pole vaulting, decathlon

3. Gymnastics:

4. Racquet Sports: squash…

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