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Unit 6 Challenges To National Integration

Question B.5:

Complete the following sentences.

a. An example of the generosity and kindness of Kalam's parents is


b. Kalam feels he had a very secure childhood because____________________

c. The suspension of train halt at Rameshwaram station proved to be a blessing in disguise for Kalam because_______________________________

d. Kalam continues to feel proud about the money he had earned in childhood by picking up bundles of newspaper because______________________________

e. Some traits and values Kalam and his siblings inherited from their parents were_____________________________

f. The salient feature of Kalam's relationship with his three childhood friends was that_____________________________

g. Two unique examples of communal harmony and brotherhood of mankind are________________________________

h. The nation should be wary of people like the grade V teacher of the narrator because___________________________

i. However, the country needs more and more people like Kalam's Science teacher Sivasubramania and Kalam's mother and grandmother because__________________

j. Kalam's second visit to his science teacher's house surprised him because ___________________________________________________________


a. That despite their not too good financial conditions they used to feed far more outsiders with them than all the members of their own family put together.

b. His father used to cater to all the necessities in terms of food, medicine and clothes.

c. Samsuddin, Kalam’s cousin who distributed the newspapers needed a helping hand to collect the bundles, as now, due to the halt, the newspapers were bundled and thrown out from the moving train on the Rameswaram Road between Rameswaram and Dhanuskodi. So, Kalam got a chance to help his cousin and earn his first wages for the first time.

d. It was the first time ever in his life that he had earned wages on his own.

e. Kalam and his siblings inherited honesty and self-discipline from…

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