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Debate is a discussion communicating one’s argument and views on a subject in front of an audience. It always has two sides – propositional and oppositional. A debater has to take a stand either ‘for’ or ‘against’ the given topic, and an opponent questions him. A good debater is one who convinces the audience to agree with his own point of view on the given topic. 

Tips and Guidelines:

  • Choose your area of debate. Understand the requirement of the topic you are working on.

  • You need to choose whether you want to argue ‘for’ or ‘against’ the motion. However, being well aware of the content of the opponent is useful and an added benefit.

  • Be prepared and coolheaded. Staying on the right track is extremely essential for proving your point well before your opponent. Your written speech has to be very thorough.

  • Use your resources well, keeping in mind the various advantages and disadvantages your topic might have. Study well and prepare your introduction; it is important to give the initial views in a precise manner.

  • Outline your main points and put emphasis on them in order to make your opponent judge your position as a strong one. Breaking down your topic into smaller points can trigger your memory during the…

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