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Formal Letter


Formal letter is a business or official letter. They are written to complaint or inform something. These letters include applications, letters to editors, official letters, letters to and from organizations, government departments etc. These letters have an objective or business-like style of writing.

Points To Remember:

1. Mentioning the subject is a must in a formal letter.

2. The formal letter should be brief, simple and concise.

3. It should focus on the issue rather than dwindling on various other elements.

4. Colloquial words or expressions must be avoided.

5. The imperative tone must be avoided in case of formal letters.

6. Coherence should be maintained.

7. Marks will be awarded on the use of appropriate style, language, content and expression.

8. Although, marks will not be deducted for exceeding the word limit, it is advisable to follow the given word limit.

Difference between formal and informal letters:

The basic difference between informal and formal letters is that of the receiver. Informal letters are written to friends, family, relatives, and other near and dear ones, while, the formal letters are written for official purposes or to write to the editor of a magazine, the commissioner, the principal of a school, etc. It is compulsory to include a subject in a formal letter which is not necessary in an informal letter. We usually add both the addresses in a formal letter while it is only important to write the recipient's address in an informal letter. The language of a formal let…

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