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Message Writing


Message writing is a form of communication, which is used to convey an important note, in case the person is not present physically. It is used to record and transmit information to the receiver.

Points to remember:

1. The word ‘Message’ should be written in block letters and in the top centre.

2. A message should always be in a box.

4. The content should be in present tense.

5. Use active voice and write in imperative mood.

6. Do not use acronym.

7. The information provided should be correct and to the point.

Q. You are Sonal, who has arrived at the Delhi railway station to board the Shatabdi Express to Amritsar. You hear an announcement, based on which you write a message to be sent to your father through your driver. Message should be in about 50-60 words. Following is the announcement you heard:

This is for the attention of all the passengers to board the Shatabdi Express bound for Amritsar scheduled to arrive at 6.00 a.m. The shatabdi Express has derailed 20 kilometers from ABC city. Please note that the Howrah express that leaves the New Delhi Railway station at 8.30 a.m. will carry all the passengers to their destination. You are requested not to buy a new ticket. Your ticket for the Shatabadi E…

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