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Two Stories About Flying

Question 1:

Try to guess the meanings of the word ‘black’ in the sentences given below. Check the meanings in the dictionary and find out whether you have guessed right.

1. Go and have a bath; your hands and face are absolutely black __________.

2. The taxi-driver gave Ratan a black look as he crossed the road when the traffic light was green. __________

3. The bombardment of Hiroshima is one of the blackest crimes against humanity. __________

4. Very few people enjoy Harold Pinter’s black comedy. __________

5. Sometimes shopkeepers store essential goods to create false scarcity and then sell these in black. __________

6. Villagers had beaten the criminal black and blue. __________


1. The meaning of ‘black’ in this sentence is that the face and hands are dark with dust and heat.

2. Here, ‘black’ refers to an angry look.

3. Here, ‘blackest’ refers…

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