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Virtually True

Question 1:

(a) Do you play computer games? How many hours do you spend playing games on the computer as compared to outdoor games?

(b) Make a list of your favourite games. Have a class discussion on the advantages and disadvantages of computer games.

Before reading the story, attempt the following working in groups of four or five.

(c) Look in your dictionaries / computer to find synonyms for the word 'virtual'

(d) Look at the K.W.L. chart given below. Based on the infomation you have gathered till now, complete the K and W columns. You may work with your partner. After reading the story complete the third column.

K- what I know

W −what I want to know

L-what I learnt

Virtual reality

Virtual Environment

3-D/ three- dimensional

Simulation games

Computer Simulation

Interactive psycho-drive games



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