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Unit 3 Letters From The Planet Aurigae Ii

Question D.8:

1. Who has written the letter? (Original Pen Pal? original Skander? "New Pen Pal")?

2. Which planet does he live on?

3. When Skander and Pen Pal exchanged bodies and personalities, each received certain benefits. Write words or phrases in the scales under their names, to indicate the advantages to each. Decide who profited most from the exchange.

(Copy and complete.)

4. Imagine that five years have passed since the last letter. Skander and Pen Pal are both still alive. Write another letter from Skander to Pen Pal, outlining what has happened in the intervening years. What is your present situation?

What are your thoughts? What are your plans for the immediate future?


1. Original Pen Pal

2. Planet Aurigae II



Pen Pal


Poor Skander who thought he had lured Pen Pal into a forced deal and will lead his wonderful human life and enjoy it for next thirty years actually got befooled and got trapped in a paralysed body, prone to heart attacks and with a short lifespan.

Pen Pal acted smart. When the government and scientists tested and told him the possibility, he put at stake whatever little he had, not much to lose. Now h…

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