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Unit 5 The Emerald Islands

Question C.11:

Punctuate the passage given below using capital letters wherever necessary.

on a spring evening some years ago while living in mumbai i decided to take in a musical where i heard lakshya kumar sing for the first time i was enthralled i believed i had discovered the next kishore kumar yet disappointed by the sparse audience i decided to write an article to help promote him struggling to contain my excitement the next day i phoned the theatre where he was performing and unabashedly acted like a professional writer may I speak with lakshya kumar please just one moment replied the person at the other end hello this is lakshya kumar answered a deep voice at the other end who is speaking my trembling hands dropped the receiver and I seemed to have lost my voice I heard the phone being disconnected at the other end what an end to my grand plans


On a spring evening, some years ago, while living in Mumbai, I decided to take in a Musical, where I heard Lakshya Kumar sing for the first time. I was enthralled. I believed I had discovered the next Kishore Kumar. Yet, disappointed by the sparse audienc…

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