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Miss Helen Keller

Helen Keller is the writer, narrator as well as the central character of The Story of My Life. The book, while tracing her journey from childhood to her college days, underlines many of her characteristic traits. In spite of her disabilities, Helen showed exemplary determination and perseverance in her life. Even though Helen had become mute with the loss of her ability to hear, through her hard work and unfailing resolve, she learnt how to speak. Helen overcame all the ordeals and fears on her journey to realise her dream of going to college. Helen appears to be an enthusiastic and, at times, unruly from a very young age.  She was frequently gripped by bouts of depression and discontentment. But strong will-power motivated her to overcome all negativities.

Being deaf and blind, her only source of knowledge about the world was her books. Thus, Helen was an avid reader. Helen also loved travelling and staying out-of-doors. Her love of the countryside is evident throughout…

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