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An article is written to circulate the news, research results, academic analysis, etc. It is a piece of literary work which informs or reveals something. 

Points to Remember

1.The article must have a catchy title to grab the interest of the reader.

2. The ideas should be systematically presented in short and informative sentences.

3. Present a neutral approach in your article.

4. It should be concise and written as clearly as possible.

5. Although marks are not deducted for exceeding the word limit, an article should be written within 120-150 words.

6. Marks may be deducted for grammatical errors and mistakes in the spellings and punctuation marks.

7. Marks are awarded on the content and expression of the write-up. Therefore, special care should be taken to maintain the coherence, accuracy and fluency of the content.

Difference between Article Writing and Paragraph Writing

An article is a piece of writing about a particular subject in a newspaper or magazine. On the other hand, a paragraph is section of a piece of writing. Also, a paragraph may or may not contain a heading/title, while an article always follows a heading/title. 

An article consists of a series of ideas on one single topic which is not the case while writing a paragraph. An article might have more than a single paragraph while a paragraph has limitation of length. An article has a concluding paragraph whereas in a paragraph…

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