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Speech is a medium of putting forward one’s views on a subject in front of an audience.


You may write your speech in three paragraphs. It should include a title, opening line(s), middle (or main) paragraph and the concluding paragraph.

Opening lines begin with addressing the listeners and introducing the topic of the speech.

(Example: Respected principal, teachers and my dear friends. Today, I have received an opportunity to express my views on the topic “Conservation of Wild Life”.)

Middle paragraph or the main paragraph may include the following:

  • A discussion on the main issues of the topic.
  • One’s own views on the topic.
  • Use of idioms, proverbs or quotations to base one’s argument.
  • A few points based on the pros and cons of the given subject.

Concluding paragraph may answer the key problem or issue addressed in the speech or suggest measures to curb the problem. Please remember that your speech should end with a closing note like “I thank you for listening with patience,” etc.


1. The arguments should not be based on wrong information.

2. The arguments should be to-the-point and well structured.

3. Ideally, your speech should be written in 100-120 words.

4. Marks may be deducted for grammatical errors and mistakes in the spellings and punctuation marks.

Q. The recent changes in the evaluation system of education are a hot topic of discussion. Your principal decides to address the topic in the school as…

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