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Areas Related to Circles

The figure drawn below shows a circular park of diameter 50 m. The shaded region represents a 6 m wide jogging track, which runs along the boundary of the park.

This path requires to be gravelled at the rate of Rs 12 per square metre. Now, how do we calculate the required amount? The given video will help you understand the application of formula used to calculate the area of a circle.

In many cases, we have to find the area of semicircular shapes. Area of a semicircle is exactly half the area of the corresponding circle.

Mathematically, we can calculate the same using the following formula. 

Area of semicircle =

Let us discuss some examples based on the area of circles and semicircles in order to understand the concept better.


Example 1:

The circumference of a circle is 77 cm. Find its area.


Let r be ...

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