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Acid, Base and Salt

Classification of Common Substances into Acids and Bases

You must have noticed that baking soda is bitter in taste and lime juice is sour in taste. Do you know the reason for this?

Lime juice contains chemicals that belong to the family of acids. Acids are substances that are sour to taste. Presence of these acidic chemicals makes lime juice sour. On the other hand, baking soda belongs to the family of bases. Bases are the substances that have a bitter taste.

Here, we will learn about acids, bases, and their properties.


Acids are substances having a sour taste. The word ‘acid’ comes from a Latin word ‘acere’, which means sour. Orange, tamarind, raw mango etc. are sour in taste. Therefore, these substances are acidic in nature.

The given table lists some acids that are present in common substances.



Acetic ac…

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